Football boot release: PUMA launches new PowerCat 1.12 colourway – Black and Lime

Yesterday brought you the news of a completely new PUMA football boot – the King SL.

And today, we can show off a new colourway from another cleat in the PUMA range – the beautiful looking black and lime PowerCat 1.12 is here folks!

The Black and Lime PowerCat 1.12 will be worn by PUMA stars including Cesc Fabregas, Phil Jones, Michael Carrick and Nigel de Jong.

Designed for power players, the performance boot is packed full of the most advanced PUMA technologies. 

The PowerCat 1.12 features the new PUMA 3D DUO Power Shooting Technology, applied to the kicking area on the inside of the boot. 

Made from an innovative thermoplastic material with two different degrees of hardness, the newly created PUMA 3D PST DUO technology enables improved grip on the ball through its exposed elements, and instead of absorbing the energy it increases the kicking power of the player. 

The kicking area employs a soft K-Leather while the lightweight microfiber material in the lateral quarter supports the midfoot and helps to keep the weight of the boot to a minimum.  

The PUMA PowerLast, an evolution of the PUMA AptoLast, follows the foot’s natural contours, providing a glove like fit allowing the upper to mould to players fit.

Coupled with the stable yet flexible outsole, the PowerCat 1.12 gives the best possible comfort. Optimal support, stability and protection are provided by the asymmetrical external TPU-injected heel counter.

We’re hoping to get our hands (and feet) on a pair of these soon – so stay tuned to the site!

So do you like the new colourway? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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