La Silhouette-Blanche By Nike, As Seen By Boris Diaw brought you the release of the France Away football kit yesterday – and today it is time for something a little bit arty! 

Nike have unveiled a photographic collaboration with Boris Diaw, captain of the French basketball team and passionate photographer, to celebrate the launch of the new French Federation away kit. 

Don’t say we don’t do culture readers! 

Diaw has today unveiled a collection of pictures taken by himself that showcases his interpretation of Nike’s Silhouette-Blanche; and the new away kit for the French Football Federation.  

Boris, a new master of photography, invited renowned athletes and some personal friends from the world of fashion, cinema and music to take part in the Nike collaboration. 

And the results see a collection of photographs that celebrate the French elegance and design innovation of the new kit.  

Laure Boulleau, who plays for the French Women’s national football team and for French club Paris Saint-Germain adds a touch of glamour to the images, along with Alexandre Vauthier, a rising star of the catwalk who takes his fashion inspiration from French culture.  

Laure Boulleau 

“Seeing a player dressed all in white evokes for me a sense of timeless elegance and simplicity.” 

Alexandre Vauthier

 “To have elegance is first and foremost a question of style.” 

French skateboarding star Alex Olson demonstrates his skills, whilst rappers Nekfeu and Sneazzy Wes of 1995 and Brodinski justify their reputation as young talent on the French electro scene.  

Sporting legends Carl Lewis and Steve Nash, French rugby player Fulgence Oeudraogo, of France and Montpellier, plus Eric Judor, actor and director, also donned the French team’s new away strip for the photo shoot.  

Fulgence Ouedraogo 

“Elegance in sport is a state of mind, of the actions during a match. There are players who exude elegance in their style of play and how they face their opponent.”  

Carl Lewis 

“My definition of elegance starts with confidence. If you’re confident and you dress the part, you feel the part.” 

And Boris Diaw, who took a self-portrait elegantly wearing the new away kit, is proud to share in the values of the Beautiful Game.  

Boris Diaw 

“For the French, elegance is simply a reflection of good manners .” 

Visit for more information. 

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