Football boot release: Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII

At long last can today officially unveil the new Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII football boots. 

Nike have completely re-engineered the speed boot for even better performance – ditching the Sense Stud, FlyWire and the Carbon Fibre from the previous versions

The aim? Simple. To deliver explosive speed. 

And here they are folks – in all their Mango / Dark Gray glory!

For over a decade, the Mercurial boot has been all about ground breaking innovation. Cutting edge technology has consistently produced a boot that delivers on lightweight, comfort and responsive performance. 

Set to be worn by the likes of Ronaldo, Neymar, Ibrahimovic and Walcott for the 2012/13 season, the Mercurial Vapor takes performance innovation to the next level with this boot built for explosive speed. 

Think Mercurial and you think both innovation and style. The substance is within the boots DNA, the new Vapor 8 delivers the ultimate in fit, touch and traction. 

A striking new design features a bright mango colourway with a new visual signature on the heel to stand out on pitch.  

Redesigned to create a snug upper while locking down the foot and preventing unwanted movement, Nike’s new Anatomic Last takes the fit of the boot to a new level of support and stability. This effect is enhanced by a more minimalist and softer heel counter, maximizing both comfort and fit.  

A sleeker and closer feel is achieved by a special toe-box reinforcer, making the boot more comfortable around the toe. The new Vapor also features a thinner, stronger and lighter Teijin Microfiber reducing the weight to 185g — just right for a speed with the optimal levels of support and durability. 

The Teijin Microfiber upper has a suede-like finish, increasing ball control and touch. It also gives the boots immediacy, eliminating any need for them to be broken in. These are ready to go…now. 

Traction is everything when the final goal is explosive speed. It’s hard enough beating eleven opponents; you don’t need the turf to be against you too. This is a boot built for speed but one that also recognises that footballers don’t run in straight lines. 

Twin studs at the back allow for a quick release from the turf and the asymmetric design of the stud configuration delivers an explosive start. Sharper blades cut through the turf, allowing for game-altering changes in direction.

A revolutionary glass chassis with double layer composite provides stability on the mid-foot while optimizes energy return on the forefoot for explosive acceleration. 

Crafted using all of Nike’s expertise, the new Mercurial Vapor 8 is a forward thinking, modern boot for the player who is ready to explode into action. 

Cristiano Ronaldo has always worn the Mercurial and the boots have once again met his very exacting standards “This boot is perfect for me. I can get an edge on defenders, knowing that the boot will give me the speed and traction I need without compromising support, control or, of course, style.” 

As always we’ll try and get our hands on a pair to put through a rigorous playtest – so stay tuned to the site!

The boots will be available at retail globally at March, 29th for £165/USD 220. For more information go to  

What are your initial thoughts of the new Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII? Do you like the launch colourway? Let us know via the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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