Video – Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafa Nadal in new Nike football tennis film!

Yesterday, brought you a little tease video involving Rafa Nadal getting ready to face a mysterious opponent.

We’re sure you guessed it already but we can now confirm that it was in fact Cristiano Ronaldo who joined the Spanish superstar on court for the new Nike film!

The two if the world’s best athletes teamed up to showcase the explosive speed and traction of the new Mercurial Vapor VIII football boot launched tomorrow.

The action unfolds in the film with Rafa Nadal intently practicing his serve at an upscale tennis club, when the tranquil surroundings are interrupted by the roar of a sports car engine. 

Cristiano Ronaldo, complete with tennis gear, enters the club and strides on court to greet his friend who questions Ronaldo’s choice of footwear for a game of tennis – a new pair of Mercurial Vapor VIII boots.

We then see the tennis and football legends trade serves and kicks across the net with a tennis ball, at first for fun, then things get a little more competitive. Nadal thunders a serve cross court which is half volleyed straight back by Ronaldo and the game is on.

A rapid succession of volleys (from racket and boot) ensue as the players conduct a rapid rally of headers, volleys, forehands and seamless traction and stability for Ronaldo thanks to his new Mercurial Vapor VIII’s.

As each player dives and jumps to return the tennis ball, a football suddenly appears, Rafa takes a turn to don the boots, and the fun and skills from both players is displayed across the net. 

As Ronaldo and Rafa shake hands at the net after a memorable game of foot tennis, Rafa playfully decides to hold on to the Mercurial Vapor VIII’s he’s worn for the football session, much to the frustration of Ronaldo.

We think it’s a bit of fun that is refreshing to see – so stay away you CGI cynics!

But what do you think of the new Nike film? Is it as good as the classic football ones of the past? Let us know via the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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