Football boot release tease: adidas Predator LZ (Lethal Zones) – that was Dribble can today reveal the fifth and final zone on the adidas Predator LZ (Lethal Zones) football boot – ‘Dribble’.

Designed to provide optimum grip on the ball for controlled dribbling, a SL rubber zone features on the lateral side of the boot for the first time in Predator history.

As shown in previous posts, the adidas Predator LZ football boots will feature five innovative zones focused on first touch and control.

The ribs of the rubber positioned on the lateral side of the boot are designed to provide a small contact surface area with the ball and configured for a large number of quick ball contacts, spaced out to ensure optimum grip.

So that’s it, the hype is over and we are now just days away from the official launch.

Stay tuned to the site as we reveal the launch colourway this weekend!

And here’s the last bit of poetry ahead of the release on the weekend (sad times):

Dribble is voodoo.

He turns legs to jelly and feet to concrete.

He zigs when you zag.

Dribble is there and suddenly he’s not.

When they think he is done.

There is only deadly to come..

Be mystified by DRIBBLE this weekend in games across Europe. Find out more at and or join the conversation on!/adidasfootball – @adidasfootball #unleash

All five zones of the adidas Predator LZ have now been revealed! How excited are you for the release this Saturday? Let us know via the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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