get first look at adidas’ Autumn/Winter 2012 collections


With the London 2012 Olympic Games and Euro 2012 almost here can almost smell the national disappointment!


But let’s stay positive ay – at least there’s barely anyone that expects England to do well at the Euros, so this is definitely going to be our year!


And if not, there’s always the Olympics to watch, more specifically global fast man Usain Bolt and national fitty (athletically speaking) Jessica Ennis!


But keeping positive,’s ‘serial event goer’ Chaz Barry was very excited to get a sneak peek at the new gear that Adidas is launching for Autumn/Winter 2012 – and here’s a look at what will be hitting the shops later this year.


No surprises here, we headed straight to the football area to have a look at the new Predator LZ.


They looked and felt great, just as light as their previous generation, and those zones certainly felt lethal.


Tempted to say the LZ could be the first ‘complete boot’ – I don’t know what else you could put in there apart from a GPS monitor that vibrates when you’re out of position (David Luiz) or some sort of Bond villain concealed weapon to really ruff up those difficult opponents (John Terry), or perhaps just a little speaker that intermittently spurts out little morsels of encouragement like, ‘Don’t listen to them, you’re the best player in the world!’ and ‘you’re hair looks great today’ (Cristiano and Torres).


Unfortunately, and very much to our disappointment, the LZs were in the pre-release (teasing) white and red colourway, and were told there’s a big hush even with the staff about what colours the revamped boot favourites will be (however those sneaky/boot-hungry/impatient individuals have probably already had a gander at them on YouTube).


Adidas were showing off proudly that the new preds are compatible with their miCoach chip. Good news for those speedy, stat-head footballers who like to throw in some big tackles too.


Also on show were the new RS7 AdiZero’s in a bold slime-green and blue colourway, along with the Spanish and German Euro strips, too strong contenders for cup, just behind England of course!


The new AdiZero Running range looked very impressive, and their new barefoot running shoes looked really interesting too.

If you’re into running you’ll know that barefoot shoes are taking off amongst those running purists who want a shoe to accommodate a more natural running style. We heard about them first from Vivobarefoot, who have an ever widening range, but it’s good to see Adidas contributing to the barefoot market, will be good to give them a test-run soon.


The Adidas clothing range is extending the retro style that we’ve seen at the start of the year and exhibiting some nice urban garms from their Blue range. It’s always enjoyable to see the Jeremy Scott range, which is just as exuberant as ever!


But leaving the best to last, we were most impressed by the Olympic and Paralympic clobber. It was clear that the amount of thought and work that had gone into each individual event kit was quite amazing.


Each kit and shoe (36 of them) is specifically tailored to the event, like the Kevlar fabric across the chest and shoulders of the weightlifting suit to help rest the bar, or the ‘DEFLEXON’ technology fitted arm and shoulder pads for archery (also in case its sunny, there’s a little neck-sun-protector-flap), and also the ClimaCool and PowerWEB technology in most of the event kits, both being present in the GB Football kit.


To mention just one, the AdiZero Prime SP sprint shoe is just 99 grams, thats 62% lighter that the equivalent sprint shoe at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. It was developed alongside the American sprinter Tyson Gay and our very own heptathlete Jessica Ennis and features a 1.3mm carbon plate (50% thinner than its nearest rival). It really is ridiculously light.


Not just the event specific kits, there’s also Village wear for the athletes to jam, play computer game, (get boozed-up), whilst all dressed the same to inspire unity.


We can’t do an adidas collection article without showing off this amazing/ridiculous trainer collection. Although we’re hearing rumours that Jedward have already snapped up every single pair!


With the sheer amount of thought and effort that Adidas has put into every aspect that may give the slightest advantage, the athletes have really got every opportunity to get their hands on some gold.


Cue national disappointment, unless Price William throws a quick wedding together, in Las Vegas perhaps!


What’s your favourite bit of the collection? How will England and Great Britain do in Euro 2012 and the Olympics? Don’t forget to join in the conversation on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


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