Football kit release: Umbro launch Peru 2012 home shirt

So the domestic football season is up and running – hoorah!

And next month, the qualification for the 2014 World Cup begins for South American teams – so thought it apt to unveil the new Peru home shirt, tailored by Umbro!

The South American giants have once again looked to the history of their nation and their heritage on the football pitch for inspiration, combining to create a modern shirt that will inspired both players and fans. 

The white shirt features the red sash across both the front and back of the shirt, an iconic part of Peru’s football shirts for a number of years.

The shirt also features a sun symbol embroidered on the back of the neck, a subtle reference to the ancient civilizations that were the founding fathers of what is known as Peru today.  

The shirt, which is crafted from a comfortable and lightweight cotton/polyester blend, also features a ribbed red and white striped v-neck collar, offering comfort and movement to the wearer.

Peru will wear the kit for the first time against Venezuela on 7th September. Stay tuned to as they’ll let you know where and if you can purchase the new shirts in the UK or in Europe!

What do you think of the kit? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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