FA Cup preview: Football’s Fashion Face-Off!

Sport-locker.net are delighted that the most iconic football tournament in England begins today – it’s FA Cup first round proper peeps!

And ahead of this weekend’s crunch FA Cup 1st round tie between Macclesfield Town and Swindon Town, Blue Square Bet caught up with fashion conscious managers, Paolo Di Canio and Steve King, to get their tips and fashion advice to avoid that dreaded fashion nightmare this season.

With the FA Cup renowned for its fashion disasters, namely Liverpool’s spice boys of the 90’s and their white suits to the ‘96’ Cup Final, Blue Square Bet is aiming to make this seasons competition the best looking yet. 

Paolo Di Canio is renowned for his sleek and stylish Italian fashion look, so for him it’s as much about looking the part as it is playing the best looking football on the pitch. The Italian style icon said:

“For me you always have to wear stylish shoes, even sporty trainers can be stylish. I like Church’s shoes myself. A watch is also essential in my opinion as it gives you an insight into someone’s personality and says a lot. I’m usually known for wearing a stylish coat on the touchline and my green one will be coming out the locker again this weekend. As for fashion pet hates I don’t like it when people wear their jeans or trousers very low, and wearing a cap backwards or wearing flip flops are absolutely awful when it comes to style.”

The trend setting Blue Square Bet Premier manager Steve King offered his views on what it takes to look the part after his very own fashion nightmare in the FA Cup several years ago.

“I wore woolen trousers as the manager of Lewes several years back, it rained hard and I got soaked. By the evening the sun had come out and I found myself sporting some rather cool three quarter length trousers!”

However, this fashion disaster has left Steve very much looking at his fashion and now-a-days he wouldn’t look out of place on the streets of Milan.

He went on to say: “Skinny suits are key to looking the part on match day and I’m always keeping up to date with fashion as you need to stay on the pulse. Tweed is making a big comeback at the moment and I will be rocking it this weekend. One key bit of advice from me is that looking after your appearance is vital and a haircut at least once a month is a must to looking sharp.”

Have your say on football fashion and let us know who you think are the most stylish players and managers in the game, who are the worst dressed and who shouldn’t have got dressed in the dark. 

Just send your thoughts in to @BlueSq with the hashtag #bluesqfashion to get the conversation started ahead of the weekend – and be sure to name and shame those fashion nightmares or best dressed during this weekend’s action by simply tweeting us a message or a picture of the offending culprit for Blue Square Bet rewards.   

Who do you think is the best dressed man in football? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebookpages.

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