Castrol LMA European Managers and Coaches Survey launched for first time can today reveal that the League Managers Association (LMA) and Castrol have today published the inaugural Annual Castrol LMA European Managers and Coaches Survey, gathering the views of top-level managers across Europe on the most important issues in modern football.

The Annual Castrol LMA European Managers and Coaches Survey has been developed to collate and better understand the collective views of managers and coaches from 19 different nationalities across Europe, including the full membership of the LMA, on technical and other matters which affect the game on a domestic and international level.

The key points and outcomes from the results of the survey are as follows:

  • Respondents identified a professional referee training academy as the main factor that could help improve the standards of refereeing, and also that refereeing was the main area that could help improve the overall standard of the game
  • 83% of respondents considered that the handball rule requires further clarification
  • 65% of respondents deemed the ‘denial of an obvious goal scoring opportunity’(DOGSO), triple jeopardy law (penalty, sending off, suspension) as unfair
  • 69% of respondents opposed the current dates for the transfer window
  • 72% of respondents are in favour of a reduction in international friendlies
  • 62% of respondents support the introduction of not just goal line but also video technology with 63% deeming that football should consider using a decision referral system where referees themselves should have the authority to clarify certain match incidents.

The aim of the survey will be to take an annual snapshot on important topics that shape the game and the working environment for managers and coaches. It will guide the LMA’s thinking and representation of its membership, as well as identifying trends and developments at the heart of the game.

José Mourinho, manager of Real Madrid

“It is vital for the future of football that the combined views and opinions of managers are collected and listened to. This LMA Survey is so important because it deals with the issues that affect managers each and every day, from rules and regulations, to technology, transfers and finances. It brings together managers and coaches across Europe, demonstrating the subjects we feel strongly about and provides real insights from managers based on our combined experience. The results of the Survey should be used to benefit and help shape the overall development and progress of football.”

Carlo Ancelotti, manager of Paris Saint-Germain

“It is fantastic that the LMA are canvassing the views of managers and coaches across Europe for the good of the game. Football is a truly international game and issues do not stop at country borders. It is vital that there is open dialogue in the game for it to progress and I along with the managers and coaches across Europe are always open to the opportunity to come together to discuss and debate matters like leadership, management and the many technical issues in the game.”

Howard Wilkinson, Chairman of the LMA  

“I am delighted that the LMA, in conjunction with Castrol, have produced this groundbreaking survey of European managers’ and coaches’ views on issues crucial to the game and themselves. Consultation is the mother of progress and change, and these views objectively represented, will surely be the basis for better cooperation between governance and practitioner.”

Richard Bevan, Chief Executive of the LMA

“The results of this survey are fascinating and demonstrate the value of the collective views of managers and coaches across Europe. We thank Castrol for their support of the LMA and this project and we look forward to working with them in the coming years to come on this and similar projects. Obtaining such valuable information is vital for the overall development and benefit of the game. The LMA would like to thank all of the managers and coaches who completed the survey and we now looking forward to sharing this information with football’s stakeholders.”

By taking the level of expertise used in the development of its oils and applying it to football, Castrol is able to provide unique insights into football performance. For more information go to

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