UPDATE: Football boot playtest review: Umbro Geometra Pro


As you may have read already, Sport-locker.net reviewed the Umbro Geometra Pro football boots at the start of last season.

And it is safe to say we were big fans of the relatively underused (in terms of professional footballers that wear them) control boot!

However, concerned that we were not that happy with the studs on the soft ground versions, Umbro have recently sent us their latest Carbon/White/Marigold colourway to try out – to see if we fared better with the firm ground studs.

So here goes a little update…

Geometra on the ball

UPDATE (we did warn you above)

The fact that we have reviewed the boot in full already means there’s no point in going into every last detail again.

However, there are a few points we want to reiterate/emphasise…

Firstly, this colourway is awesome! OK it’s not strictly a black boot, but it’s close enough. On foot, these look like one of the smartest boots on the current market in our opinion. Classy is an understatement. What’s more, if you’re not a fan of the orange laces, there are some carbon ones in the box for you!

On they go

They are also so bloody comfortable.

Comfort is something that can sometimes be overlooked in the design of a football boot. These days, the trend seems to be how light brands can make a boot. This is not the case with these. Superior comfort throughout games and training sessions, we’ve worn these on hard ground and also 3G and we’ve not encountered a single blister. Bravo to the powers that be at Umbro on that one.

Geometra passing

They are the closest boots to the CTR360 Maestri silo.

Now we’re not ones for favouritism here at Sport-locker HQ. That said, of all the boots we have reviewed, (we’ve got through our fair share!) they are the Don when it comes to overall comfort and performance combined. And the Umbro Geometra reminds us of them in so many ways. As soon as you put them on it feels as if this is a boot fit for kings. The high grade phylon insock cushioning works like a dream and after a few wears they start to feel as if you are wearing slippers.

Geometra POV

But the Geometra doesn’t just have the comfort of the CTR360 Maestri.

We’re yet to review the latest Maestri but the Teijin medial pad with memory foam insert is the closest thing to the pass and control pads that we’ve seen. You really do feel like a midfield maestro in the Umbro Geometra. Another part of the boot we love is the bit by your big toe. It’s not quite an adidas predator ‘zone’ but in terms of material it’s like nothing we’ve ever felt on a football boot before. It feels like sand paper! This should allow for plenty of grip when bending those efforts towards the top bin.

Geometra studs

The studs won’t kill anyone either.

As we mentioned at the top of this article, the main reason why we wanted to get our hands (and feet) on another pair of Geometras was due to the fact that we weren’t fans of the soft ground studs. To put it bluntly, they were the opposite of blunt. We reckon they could cause some serious damage to an opponent.

Geometra touch

But the firm ground versions are an absolute winner. Not only do these become more comfortable because of the studs, but the TPU circular stud configuration makes for extra grip and acceleration. It took a while to get used to changing direction quickly (to begin with, the studs feel odd) but once accustomed, there was no looking back.

Geometra shooting

Without doubt, the firm ground version of the Umbro Geometra is a much more all rounded boot – who would have thought a simple change of soleplate and stud configuration could have made such a difference?!

If they’re good enough for England number one Joe Hart, then they’re certainly good enough for us!

What do you think of Umbro Geometra Pro football boots? Do you think more pros should wear them? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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