interview with Sergio Aguero caught up with Manchester City star (and clearly very good driver) Sergio Aguero after the final of the PUMA Race Off challenge…

What brought you to Donington Park Racing Circuit today Sergio?

I came here to Donington today to drive with Nico Rosberg.   In the summer, he set the Race Off challenge to other sportsmen, challenging us to drive a lap of Monza in a Formula one simulator.  I was the fastest, which meant I today I got to drive a proper racing car.  I’m very competitive, so I was very pleased and proud to win this challenge.

What did you think of the performance of the other athlete’s in the simulator?

I’ve watched the videos on the PUMA Race Off website and they are very entertaining.  Some of the guys are really funny and I don’t think they realised how difficult it can be to drive a simulator. You can definitely see how competitive we all are, everybody wanted that final prize.  And of course everyone wanted to be the best. 

SNE11614 copy

How was your experience at Donington Park with Nico Rosberg?

It was really good fun, I think some of the other guys who raced in the simulator will be really jealous when they see the footage.  I didn’t expect the ride in the DTM with Nico to be so scary, I felt like I’d had a full workout and I wasn’t even driving!   I had no idea beforehand how intense it would be, it was a fast car and when I got out I could hardly walk!

You were the fastest in PUMA’s Race Off challenge, do you think you would be quick in a real Formula 1 car?

Yes, for sure I would be able to drive a real formula one car.  The simulator was accurate, and while it doesn’t move, I think my skills were there for all to see.  Maybe I would not be quite as quick as Rosberg, but he has had more practise than me.  In time, I might even be quicker.

SNE11261 copy

Would a career in Motorsport appeal to you?

Yes, I think if I hadn’t become a professional footballer I would have liked to be a motor racing driver.  The DTM car here was very good, I liked it a lot.  But Formula 1 would also be a great sport to be in. 

Was driving the AMG racing car harder than you expected?

At first driving the car was tricky, it was very powerful.  But when I got used to it I could feel I was going quicker and quicker. It’s nice to be on the track where there are no speed limits and you can really push the car to the limit, and I could show Nico how fast I am. 

Aguero_pitch2_ 25

Were you impressed with the way Nico drove the DTM car?

Yes, Nico was very good at driving the DTM car.  When he first drove me around in the normal car I was pretty bored to be honest, and I enjoyed showing him how fast I was in the racing car.  But when he drove me around in the DTM car, I could see that he was skilful.  Those cars are crazy how fast they are and when I got out I think it showed! I literally fell out the car, it was like an extra long rollercoaster ride!

Would you consider a career change?

No, I won’t be changing career because I enjoy football too much.  But in a different life, I would have been very happy to be a Championship winning F1 driver.

Aguero_pitch2_ 34

How about Nico’s football skills? He showed off his keepy uppy talent today, what did you think?

I was quite impressed actually, but I think his racing skills are far better! It would be fun to play a match against Nico and swap the challenge around, bring him into my world and see if he has what it takes. I think with some coaching he would be a good player.

The Premier League is shaping up to be very similar to last year, with the a growing rivalry between the two Manchester Clubs and only a couple of points difference between the top spot and second place. The all important Manchester Derby is now only a few weeks away, are you confident?

I’m feeling confident about the game against Manchester United.  It’s a really big match for us and there’s a lot of pressure to repeat our success of last year, but I’m sure we will succeed. The team is really strong with so many great players right now, but the same is true of Manchester United and they are showing how competitive they are this year once again.  Whatever the result, I think it will be close. 

Aguero_dugout2_ 18

What do you think about Chelsea, are they a serious contender for the Premier League title?

I think that Chelsea has great potential for this season and they’re only a few points behind the top spot so certainly a team we need to watch out for. I don’t think they’ve been playing to their best either, so they have room to improve and really challenge the other top clubs for the title.

Who do you think will win the Manchester derby next weekend? Let us know via the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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