Create your own scenario on Football Manager 2013!

Normally, Tuesday mornings are fairly mundane.

Still peeved that you’ve just had to endure a Monday. Three more days until the next weekend etc.

But this morning, everyone here at couldn’t be more excited…

And that’s because the powers that be at Football Manager have been in contact to see if we want to create our own scenario for the new 2013 game!

Before we do, here’s a couple that have already been done…

Scenario 1 – Liverpool without Luis & Stevie

Liverpool have looked increasingly reliant on Luis Suarez and Steven Gerrard this season after missing out on some key transfer targets and seeing a number of their other star names, such as Lucas Leiva, ruled out through injury.

Suarez has scored 14 goals in all competitions this season (nearly half of Liverpool’s total goals scored) while Gerrard has been an ever important member of the starting XI.

Sports Interactive have run a simulation taking Suarez and Gerrard out of the team to see how Liverpool would fare during the rest of the season if they did not have Suarez and Gerrard at their disposal.

Nuri Sahin_ Overview Profile


–              Liverpool ended the season down in 13th place

–              Scored 2nd lowest amount of goals in PL (34 in total) but their defence was solid

–              Eliminated in first knockout round of Europa League

–              Eliminated in Third Round of the FA Cup

–              Sahin was their best player with a 7.51 average rating

–              Skrtel and Glen Johnson were also strong performers

Martin Skrtel_ Overview Profile

Glen Johnson_ Overview Profile

The simulation confirms pretty conclusively that Liverpool would struggle without their two talisman and that their success this season is almost wholly dependent on Suarez staying fit but their defensive performances were encouraging.

Scenario 2Walcott down the middle

Theo Walcott said recently that a major reason for his refusal to sign a new deal at Arsenal was the fact that Arsene Wenger would not play him as a striker – what Walcott believes to be his natural position.

How would Arsenal fare this season if Walcott was given the run of games down the middle that he’s after?

Arsenal Past Positions - Walcott ST

Walcott as a Striker

  • Rotated with Giroud in a 4-5-1 formation.
  • Figures suggest that Walcott is the preferred option – 33 starts to Giroud’s 24.
  • Scores 15 goals, 7.08 average rating.
  • Giroud manages 18 goals but a slightly lower average rating of 6.98
  • Arsenal finish in 5th place after a disastrous second half to the season, falling from 2nd in mid-January.
  • Signs new deal until 2015
  • Value of £13 Million

Arsenal Past Positions - Walcott AMR

Walcott as a winger

  • Rotated with Cazorla in the right-sided attacking midfielder role
  • Cazorla is preferred option, starting 43 times to Walcott’s 25.
  • Walcott is mainly selected when Cazorla moves into the AMC role that he favours.
  • Walcott’s figures are: 25 apps, 4 goals, 6.76 average rating
  • Signs a new deal but later in the season than in other sim.
  • Arsenal finish 4th, with 3 more points than in the other sim, again they reach 2nd place – this time in early April – but can only win 2 of their last 6
  • Value of £10 million


–          Walcott does indeed perform better as a striker but at the slight detriment to the club’s overall finishing position.

–          Could perhaps work as a two-man partnership with Giroud but they scored a combined 33 goals when played separately and the real issue was a lack of goals from midfield – Gervinho and Podolski underwhelm.

–          Walcott’s performances as a striker in the sim would probably be enough to convince Wenger to play him there.

So now we’re going back to the drawing board to see what scenario we can come up with!

What scenario would you like to see on the game? Let us know via the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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