Maximuscle Protein Project Weeks 1-4: Diary of ‘the already beefcake’


Not everyone who is taking part in Maximuscle’s Protein Project is a newbie to the gym (see our newbie article here)…’s in house fitness fanatic Aaron Coates has put in hours in the gym to get into the shape that only the likes of Arnie and Alex Reid could be proud of.

OK, maybe not the latter, let’s go for Peter Andre instead…

Moving swiftly on, he’s always Robbie Keane for a challenge and here’s his take on the first four weeks of the project:

Now a month into the Maximuscle protein project and I can say, with assured confidence, that I’m noticing a lot of changes!


Having gymmed regularly and in a specifically tailored programme for a number of years now, I took on the challenge to give myself a much needed additional boost and hopefully tone up the bulk I have worked hard to put on.

In terms of the sessions, not much has changed… I’ve been doing my 4/5 days a week (maybe at a slightly higher intensity).

I used to take protein when I was slightly younger, but found that the more I worked out and made it a part of my routine, the less I ached and therefore needed it. However, I have never been able to achieve the quite the level of lean-ness to my physique that I felt my work rate deserved.


Going into this challenge it has never been my intention to get much bigger as I feel an athletic body, as opposed to an obscenely big body, better suits my needs as an avid sportsman.


With the addition of a Maximuscle Promax Diet (Lean Definition) shake, I have found that my abs and legs in particular are starting to show much more definition. I pride myself on having a fairly big chest and shoulders already, but all are not yet where I feel would be optimum.

I think that by the end of the programme, continuing as I am, I can achieve a fully defined upper body and add some needed distinction to my legs. The fact that I can already see changes, so early into the programme is additional motivation to push even harder till the end of the programme… and past that.


I’ve also been taking Maximuscle’s Beta-Alanine capsules with a snack before the gym – they’ve really helped with giving me added strength during each session.

I also feel that being on this programme (and starting to train with someone new to the gym routine), has helped me to re-visit my technique and refine certain exercises, so that I am isolating parts of the body and utilising their maximum potential.

In the next article I plan to detail my typical week at the gym – exercises, weights and reps.


I’m looking forward to another 8 weeks of training hard, eating right and reaping the benefits of the Maximuscle Protein Project!

So what do you think of Maximuscle’s Protein Project? Are you taking part? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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