Voting now open for the winner of the Maximuscle Protein Project!

As you may already know, are taking part in the Maximuscle Protein Project…

12 weeks ago, three normal guys, James, David and Ollie, were selected from over 10,000 applicants to take on one incredible challenge to change their lives and demonstrate that protein can make a difference.

Throughout the project, they have been trained by some of Britain’s leading sports people including Amir Khan, Jenson Button and Everton F.C. with additional support from the Maximuscle expert trainers and nutritionists.

Group - Fun

The Protein Project has now reached crunch time – training is over and voting begins. The winner will walk away with £5,000 cash and will become the new Maximuscle ambassador.

Here is some information that may help your decision:

James Goddard - Table

James Goddard - StartJames Goddard - Finish

James Goddard

“The Protein Project has been an incredible experience and I have to say, I’m gutted it’s over. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been given this chance and have given everything I could for the full 12 weeks. I hope my results will reflect my effort. I don’t want my Maximuscle journey to be over, I would love the opportunity to become an ambassador and educate others, with hectic work-life schedules, on how to start and get the most from their training. Please vote for me.”

David Reilly - Table

David Reilly - StartDavid Reilly - Finish

David Reilly

“Coming into the Protein Project I had the most to prove. Maximuscle picked three ‘average guys’ but I honestly think I was slightly below average when it came to gym work. My stamina wasn’t bad, but my strength wasn’t great. I’m delighted with my progress but there’s no hiding from the fact that it has been extremely tough and I’ve had to dig deep on a number of occasions. The best thing for me is how my family have reacted to the changes I have made. They are all so pleased and proud of me, it certainly makes the pain worthwhile. To take that final step and win would be the ‘cherry on the cake’ and I love cherries so please vote for me.”

Oli Ward -Table

Oli Ward - StartOli Ward - Finish

Oli Ward

“Being selected for the Maximuscle Protein Project felt like an achievement in itself, getting to this stage almost feels surreal. After an injury ended my chances of playing rugby to a serious level I let my fitness levels drop drastically. My intention has always been to get back into shape but I struggled to get motivated. When I applied for the Protein Project I honestly didn’t think I would get through, so when I got picked to be one of three from over 10,000 I knew I had to grab this opportunity with both hands and give 100%. The 12 weeks have flown by and I’m very happy with my results, I’m now fitter, leaner, stronger and faster than I’ve ever been. I want to win the Protein Project so I can continue my development and help others, similar to me, to find that motivation and improve their lives. Please vote for me.”

Group - Serious

A couple of us here at Sport-Locker have also been taking part in the Protein Project – our next installment will go live soon so stay tuned!

Voting is open to the public and will run from Thursday 2nd May to Wednesday 8th May. Go to the Maximuscle facebook page to cast your vote:

What do you think will win? Have you taken part in the project? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter Facebook pages.

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