PUMA Mobium Elite running shoes arrive at Sport-locker.net towers!



Sport-locker.net are delighted to show off the next running shoe in line for our usual rigorous playtest – behold the PUMA Mobium Elite!

PUMA Mobium Elite is a first generation PUMA Adaptive Running shoe that’s built on a system of interdependent technologies that are proprietary to PUMA.


The technologies of the Mobium Bands, the Windlass Chassis and the Expansion Pods work together allowing the shoe to expand and contract as the foot naturally does through the gait cycle.

PUMA has identified this new category of running—Adaptive Running—after two years of intense biomechanical research, development and testing. PUMA Mobium Elite encourages a more natural movement and efficient stride.



We’re big fans of the ‘Clever little bag’ they came in too – little things ay!


Stay tuned to the site for the full review in the coming weeks…

What do you think of the PUMA Mobium running shoes? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter Facebook pages.

3 thoughts on “PUMA Mobium Elite running shoes arrive at Sport-locker.net towers!

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