SportLockerTV: adidas introduces the miCoach SMART RUN are rather excited about this running release from adidas – behold the miCoach SMART RUN – the most advanced and intuitive wrist based running device on the market!

For the first time, runners of all abilities will be able to track their runs using GPS mapping, monitor their heart rate off their wrist, listen to their favourite music and get real-time coaching in a single, simple, colour touch screen running watch.

There are no cables, straps or additional sensors with this unique all-in-one device. SMART RUN uses optical technology to track your heart rate from your wrist.


A built-in accelerometer counts every step so you can monitor your stride rate. GPS tracks your speed, distance and logs your route and an MP3 player with Bluetooth wireless audio delivers music and audible coaching guidance, eliminating headphone cables and music players.

Interval (or zone) training is the best way to improve strength, speed and endurance. The miCoach system is founded on this concept with 4 coloured zones – blue, green, yellow and red. SMART RUN uses these zones to coach you throughout your workout. Guidance comes in various forms including vibration, through the 1.45” colour touch screen display and, if you are using a Bluetooth headset, the coach will tell you to speed up or slow down.


Smart training is not just about intervals. You will need to combine cardio with strength and flexibility to get the results you want and SMART RUN excels here too. More than 400 anatomically correct animations combine to make hundreds of workouts and plans. The animations play right on the watch helping to guide you correctly through each repetition and circuit.

Unrivalled in innovation and feature-set, the miCoach SMART RUN features premium design language and fine styling, including athletic lines, stainless steel trim, high performance guerrilla glass and magnesium.


  • Real-time continuous heart rate measurement from the wrist
  • GPS for pace, distance and route logging
  • Built-in accelerometer for stride rate measurement
  • WLAN sync with miCoach platform for training planning and history/lifetime stats tracking
  • TFT LCD color screen
  • Intuitive touch screen navigation
  • Bluetooth® audio for music and coaching
  • Customizable training data screens
  • Strength and flexibility coaching videos
  • Watch and timer function
  • Manual and automatic laps
  • Over the air feature updates
  • 4GB data memory for music and workouts


The miCoach SMART RUN is the latest innovation to help athletes track their performance, learn and improve. Available in November on, miCoach SMART RUN is $399/£350.

What do you think of the SMART RUN? Do you use miCoach? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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