Running shoes playtest review: Puma Mobium Elite


Here at we firmly buy into the idea that judging a book by its cover is not the right thing to do.

However, in reality first impressions occur and are difficult to ignore. So when we first got hold of a pair of Puma Mobium Elite running shoes it’s fair to say that we were far from bowled over.

The orange colourway was a little too bright and bold, the outsole felt very hard and clumpy when walking and the tech too ambitious.


A Modium elastic band that mimics the job done by the tendons in your foot?

A shoe that adapts to my unique running style and foot movement?

We’ve heard a lot of tech claims but surely now we’ve heard it all!

But as the true professionals we are, proceed with the play test we did…

And mighty glad we are having done so because the Puma Mobium Elite running shoes are a prime example of why books should never be judged by their cover and served us up a generous portion of humble pie.


Bitter we are not because we love running and running is what these shoes were built to do.

Having play tested a whole host of shoes targeted at minimal/barefoot runners as well as some from the other end of the support spectrum aimed at heel strikers and over pronators it was refreshing to slip on a pair specifically designed to cater for neutral midfoot strikers.

As soon as we cranked up through the gears and broke into a steady jog the Mobium Elites felt very natural indeed.

And our initial scepticism was flushed away as this was the shoes delivering on their promise to maximise natural movement.


This is the crafty work of what Puma are calling ‘Move Cell’ (a sculpted arch) working in harmony with a ‘windlass chassis’ which provides a very sophisticated three way flexibility function that changes in height, length and proportion according to the unique demands put upon it by the its wearer.

As we alluded to earlier, this all sounds very bold and complex as a tech claim but what it translates to in the all-important language of performance is a very flexible, natural and personalised experience.

The outsole felt very responsive and encouraged us to bound along on the mid and forefoot with the most striking and performance enhancing effect being a complete absence of fatigue in the calf muscles on any distance/tempo combination up to 10km.

This is perhaps evidence that the energy return function of the mobium band that bridges across the midsole actually works.


One other unique feature of the Mobium Elite is the expansion pods on the outsole designed to mimic the bone structure in the foot in order to provide cushioning and protection in the most necessary places.

From our experience this has been effective as a sole unit but doesn’t quite make it an exceptional feature that would elevate it above rival brands.

The Puma Mobium elite running shoe is a performer. Its strengths lie in performance features. It may not be the best looking shoe. The colour may have you reaching for the sunglasses. They may feel a little odd when walking.


But these downfalls are cosmetic. They may not look cool paired with a pair of jeans on a weekend social like a whole host of lifestyle leaning alternatives out there but they are not built for that purpose.

They don’t compromise on the primary function which is to be a running shoe.

And in that regard Puma have produced a winner, allowing me as an individual to run in the most natural way possible.

What are your impressions of the Puma Mobium Elite Running Shoes? Do you wear them? If so, please leave a comment below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages letting us know what you think of them.

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