INTERVIEW: Cristiano Ronaldo’s football boot designer


Yesterday, brought you the release of Cristiano Ronaldo’s new boots, the Nike Mercurial IX CR7.

We grabbed a quick word with Nike’s Football Design Director, Denis Dekovic, to discuss what goes into creating such a masterpiece…

How do you approach designing a new boot for CR7?

With the CR7 Collection it’s really a case of looking at the journey of his career and looking for ways to convey that combined with the design and innovation only Nike can deliver.

What inspires you when you begin the new design process?

For this project it’s very simple, Cristiano inspires us.


What is it about CR7 that makes him the unique player that he is?

He is one of the most dedicated athletes on the planet, not just in football but in any sport. I would guess that if you ask any team mate of his “who puts in the most hours to become a better player?” the majority would say Cristiano.

How do you work with CR7 to design his own Mercurial?

We begin by meeting to discuss his inspirations, then we work those up into concepts and meet to show materials, ideas and innovations and then we go into the testing process.


How important is the feedback you receive from CR7 when developing the Mercurial silo in general?

He is the main inspiration for the Mercurial boot, his feedback is absolutely vital.

How do you incorporate his feedback to improve the boot from a design and innovation perspective?

We have a saying at Nike, listen to the voice of the athlete. If you don’t do that you chance to innovate and inspire reduces. If it works for the best players in the world, we can be sure that it works for all the players who aspire to be the best. If Cristiano believes that he would benefit from X being incorporated into the boot, then it makes sense for us to try and solve X.


What does this new CR7 boot stand for?

The galaxy print says it all. This is a player with no limits.

How do you ensure CR7’s playing style and personality is evident in his signature boot design?

With Cristiano it’s something that we work with him closely on. He is a player who is doing things we’ve never seen before, so it’s a great challenge to innovate and design for him.


Why is CR7 such a key athlete for Nike Football?

He is a global icon and plays football in a way that has gone some way to reinvent the idea of a ‘forward’. He is doing things that the world has never seen before. He is a very important athlete for not just Nike, but for the sports world.

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