Kansi 3twenty folding bike – the perfect commute?

3 Twenty White 1


Want to start November with a new, amazing way to get around the city, avoiding the tubes?

Sport-locker.net might just have the perfect answer (if the answer is yes)…

The kansi 3twenty is different from conventional folding bikes – it rides better than other folding bikes and offers superb handling.


It also folds faster with a really simple, less than 10 seconds three-step fold.

Every Kansi is made from lightweight Aluminium so it’s easier to carry when folded and we’re pretty sure you’ll be the envy of every folding-bike peloton member waiting at traffic lights!

Kansi has two other models as well – the 1twenty (one gear) and 9twenty (nine gears).


The kansi 3twenty will set you back £599. Ride it. Fold it. Love it. www.kansi.co.uk/3twenty

What do you think of the kansi 3twenty? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter Facebook pages.

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