PUMA players put poppies on their boots in support for the Royal British Legion

6910-ITG Poppy Group 01

Sport-locker.net are proud to reveal that poppies will be applied to the PUMA boots of Adam Lallana, Michael Carrick and Steven Caulker this weekend.

The boots will be worn to raise funds for the Royal British Legion as part of the traditional day of remembrance on November 11th.

Bravo PUMA!

6910-ITG Arthur Boot 01

Adam Lallana: “As club captain, I’m aware of Southampton’s military history.  I feel very proud to wear the poppy on my boots and support the Royal British Legion.

6910-ITG Arthur Boot on black


6910-ITG Arthur Boot Close up 01

“A lot of our fans are serving themselves or have family who are. With the support they give us all season on the pitch, it’s important we take the opportunity to remember the serving members of the armed forces.”

6910-ITG MC boot 01

Michael Carrick:  “As players, we have the greatest admiration and respect for the men and women of the armed forces, both serving and veterans.

6910-ITG MC Boot Close up 01


6910-ITG MC Boot on black

“Wearing the poppy on our boots is our way of showing our gratitude and respect, I’m proud to do so and support the Royal British Legion this weekend.”

6910-ITG SC Boot 01

Steven Caulker: “I’m proud to wear the poppy on my boots, and support the Royal British Legion who play an invaluable role in supporting serving members of the armed forces, veterans of all ages and their families.”

6910-ITG SC Boot on black

After this weekend’s games, the match worn boots will be returned to the Royal British Legion to auction to raise money for the charity.

What’s your favourite PUMA football boot? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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