Running shoe review : Nike LunarGlide 5 Shield


If we’re honest, has always been a little afraid of the dark. We blame premature exposure to inappropriate horror films.

So we need all the support we can get to venture out once the sun has gone done. Especially when the winter is throwing all sorts of hideous weather at us.

But like the show, training must go on and there to hold our hand this winter is the Nike LunarGlide 5 Shield running shoe packed with winter repellent features.


On first impression the LunarGlide 5s feel nice and light but solid too which you’d expect from a winter shoe.

In daylight they look very understated, sensible and practical with simple black and white colouring.

They would certainly not look out of place in a casual social setting.

But it is when the sun goes down that these shoes come alive. The Lunarglide 5 Shield is very much a nocturnal beast with the eye catching leopard print reflective design.

As well as being a feast for the eyes, this is a major selling point in practical terms too as the winter darkness continues to descend.

I have had absolutely no fears about being visible to motorists when out running and cycling allowing me to embrace a winter training programme, stay safe and draw some admiring glances! Especially when twinned with a Nike Vapor flash jacket!


That’s the issue of winter darkness sorted but what about the rain, cold, ice, snow and wind?

Well these shoes would appear to have an answer for almost every hazard a harsh winter could throw at you.

A water resistant mesh shield is effective at repelling rain and splashes and a micro fleece collar is a welcome addition on a cold evening like a cosy blanket or hot water bottle.

So it’s safe to say that the attempts to winter-proof a running shoe has been successful but that would all go to waste should the running performance features not be up to scratch.

Fortunately Nike have not abandoned the core values and requirements of a good running shoe building on the success of LunarGlide predecessors.

The LunarGlides score particularly high on comfort thanks largely to two specific features.


Flywire technology provides a luxurious snug fit and is a useful ally in the pursuit of that elusive ‘glove like’ fit.

The Lunarlon cushioning underfoot is particularly generous with a dual foam system that feels plush, springy and light.

I never had any doubts that these running shoes would look great and feel comfortable but the real test was in the performance.

As previously mentioned, these feel very compact and solid, but crucially not in a restrictive or clumpy way. Far from it in fact and after numerous varied training sessions they feel stable and supportive.

Part of this sensation owes to the floating heel clip which provides an adaptive and responsive supportive element.


As a winter shoe, good traction that performs in numerous hazardous conditions is vital. So far in our experience rain has been the only challenge and so far the waffle fill outsole has performed well with no skidding or slipping to speak of.

A greater test will come when water turns to ice and greater demands are put on the deep flex grooves but I have high hopes for a very good neutral winter running shoe.

What do you think of the new Nike LunarGlide 5 Shield running shoes? How are you tackling the winter conditions? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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