interview with Aaron Ramsey


As part of the adidas Samba pack launch, were invited along to a couple of exciting photo shoots and here’s what Arsenal’s all action in form midfielder and predator wearer Aaron Ramsey had to say when we sat down with him:

What do you think of the new predators?

AR: The new Predators are a very nice boot. They are comfortable although I am not too sure about the colour of but I am happy with them.

Why predator over something else from the Adidas range, what makes them different?

These ones work best for a midfielder they are quite light and comfortable. You have to cover a lot of ground comfort is the most important. The grips make life easier.

You have had a really good start to the season how do you think you are going to sustain that?

Hopefully I just continue trying to carry on improving and progressing throughout the season.

AARON_RAMSEY_SAMBA_023 copyDo you have a favourite pair of boots?

I have been in these since school now so an older version of the pred.

You like the older preds, how do you think they differ to the latest version?

These are lighter, I think the older ones were certainly clumpier. These ones are thinner and are a massive improvement.

What are your thoughts of the Predators from the adidas Samba collection? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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