interview with Lukas Podolski


As part of the adidas Samba pack launch, were invited along to a couple of exciting photo shoots and here’s what Arsenal’s German striker, and self confessed F50 adiZero man, Lukas Podolski told us about his new boots, Arsenal and the World Cup:

You are wearing both versions of the F50 today which is your favourite colour and why?

LP: Both that’s why I wear both, at the end I might make a choice. There may be a surprise another colour, maybe red.


How do you find these compared to last year’s model?

Every year they make it better and better. It’s very light with new studs, I test for adidas and tell them what I like personally. Every year just gets better and better.

Why do you go for the F50 over the other Adidas boots, what does it add to your game?

I feel comfortable with the boots, I have played 10 years with the F50 so I am used to them. I am an F50 guy.

You have a world cup at the end of the season, does that affect your preparation at all with Arsenal?

Of course but first you think about Arsenal we want to play a good season. You separate them so one doesn’t get confused with the other.


Where do you think Arsenal can finish up?

We have started great, it’s a long season. With a lot of injuries we are doing well. We are strong and we will fight for the title.

How difficult do you think it will be for Germany to go to Brazil and win the world cup?

It’s not easy, but we are one of the five or six teams that can fight for the title. Everyone is strong.

What are your thoughts of the new F50 adiZero from the adidas Samba collection? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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