interview with Jermain Defoe, Roberto Soldado and Sandro!

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As part of the adidas Samba pack launch, were invited along to a couple of exciting photo shoots and here’s what Tottenham Hotspur trio Jermain Defoe, Roberto Soldado and Sandro had to say on their new boots and the World Cup next year:

Jermain and Roberto, you have worn the adidas f50s throughout your career. How do these vary from previous years?

JD: They get lighter and lighter each year, the colours change a bit but they are still really comfortable.

RS: They’re really comfortable and they adapt to your feet. I love the colours and they are attention grabbing. I didn’t feel adidas could improve on the boots but they have!

Solado_026 copy

What is the most drastic change in F50s?

JD: f50s have always been light, I don’t understand how year on year they get the boot lighter and lighter this is really important to my game.

RS: Speed is fundamental to my game, and the shape of the boots really help from kick off to the end.


You’ve had a few signings at Spurs over the summer – how is everyone bedding in?

JD: It’s an easy group to come in to, all the boys are nice. The new players have come in and been brilliant. The most important thing is to carry that on to the pitch.

Sandro_009 copy

Sandro, you are playing with fellow countryman Paulinho now. How you think that relationship will benefit Brazil leading up to the World Cup?

S: It’s a great help for him to be here. I am looking to build that partnership and it has crossed my mind. I hope to be good both at Spurs and Brazil, but first it needs to be shown at Spurs.


You’re here for the new Samba predator LZ. How are you finding them what do you think of the colour?

S: I like the colour it’s very loud and attention seeking and I have nothing against the new boot. I am wearing pink and have nothing against the colour because I am a man.

How much do the boots actually help your game?

S: I like the boot as it’s light and in midfield it helps a lot. When it’s raining you can use the grips along the side and front of the boot and in the English rain I can already see it in my head the ball coming and bam I shoot I score!


Do you remember your first ever pair of football boots?

S: My dad sold everything to buy my first pair of boots, they were the heaviest boots I ever had. I would run and it felt like being bare foot and running on stones. Now I fly!

Solado_005 copy

Roberto, after the result in the Confederations Cup, can Spain go to Brazil and mount a strong challenge?

RS: Yes. Spain are hurting from the final, but in the World Cup everything starts from zero, we will be on our best form and won’t let it happen again.


Do you have any heroes or past games from World Cups that still influence your game today?

RS: Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup for the Spanish selection will always be remembered and we want to win again next year!


What do you think of the adidas Samba pack? Where do you think Tottenham Hotspur will finish in the league? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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