Nike unveil Hyperwarm Flex – ‘the most technical first layer in sport’


October is upon us and that means rain, cold, sleet, ice and what ever else mother nature cares to throw at us.

But if you’re anything like then you are not going to let that stop you training hard over the winter months and it helps to be dressed for the occasion.

Nike’s process, always, is to start with the needs of the athlete. When it comes to designing the world’s best baselayers the needs are protection and comfort in challenging climates. A singleminded focus on giving athletes the best baselayer in sport has led to the development of the finest baselayer Nike has ever made for cold climates: Nike Hyperwarm Flex.

Nike Hyperwarm Flex is the warmest and most flexible Nike baselayer for athletes training and competing in cold climates.

The right baselayer, while largely unseen, is critical to an athlete’s performance while training and competing. Mental acuity, muscle reactivity, flexibility, speed and agility are all negatively impacted if the athlete isn’t dry, warm and properly protected.


“We are always asking ourselves how we can use Nike innovation, science and experience to enable athletes to perform in the worst that Mother Nature throws at them,” said Carmen Zolman, Design Director for Nike Training. “Nowhere is our focus and capability more apparent than in our Nike Pro baselayer, and especially in the premium Hyperwarm Flex products, where our innovation is as relentless as the weather.”

Nike Hyperwarm Flex is a top-and-pant combination that uses the latest advancements in seamless knitting manufacturing technologies and advances in materials science to deliver baselayer protection unlike any other.


Both the Hyperwarm Flex pant and top feature breathable mesh and seamless knit engineering to achieve a purposeful combination of aesthetics and performance. Distinct knitted panels in areas requiring flexibility — the shoulders, elbows and knees — provide superior articulation and unrestricted freedom of movement.

Thermal mapping identified zones where warmth is critical, requiring a different knit density for optimal warmth. To guard against overheating or the chilling affect of sweat left unmanaged, special Dri-FIT Max fabric is positioned at key areas on the inside of the Hyperwarm Flex top and pant to wick moisture away and ensure athletes stay comfortable.


“With Hyperwarm Flex we’ve pushed the limits of materials and manufacturing to create our best cold weather baselayer,” continued Zolman. “What’s equally exciting is how we will be able to apply what we’ve learned across our entire range of base layer options for athletes, including our Hypercool products for warm environments.”

The right baselayer positively impacts the athlete’s mindset, confidence and performance. Perfectly protected from the negative impacts of brutal cold or relentless heat, they are able to train and perform without experiencing the typical degradation of human abilities that occur in these unforgiving environments.


The entire range of Nike Hyperwarm, Hypercool, Pro Combat and recovery baselayer products has been conceived, designed and manufactured to best serve the training and competition needs of the world’s best athletes.

All Nike baselayers and the new Hyperwarm Flex are available on

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