Running shoe review : adidas adiZero XT5


If pavement pounding fails to float your boat, then there are alternatives to fulfill your running needs.

In our case, there has been an ongoing hostile dispute between concrete and knees and consequently we are championing trail running which is easier not only on the joints but the eyes too with forest, streams and hilltops your very own playground.

Lately we have been enjoying this rewarding pastime equipped with a pair of adidas adiZero XT 5 trail running shoes.


A striking but good looking shoe with a sharp and complimentary contrasting colourway of black/white/orange with suitably foresty green laces.

Appearances should not count for much when performance is the order of the day but it certainly helps when the aesthetics are right.

Unlike many gym and road running shoes which can double up for your pub excursions, it is obvious that the XT 5s are built for purpose and that is to walk,run and hike across the finest off road trails that mother nature has to offer. In other words, they mean business.


Firstly there is the reliably brilliant Continental outsole that provides good grip on all terrains and in all weathers (well, all those experienced so far including wet grass, slippery stones/pebbles, mud, bogs).

Importantly for a shoe that is built for unpredictable surfaces, the XT 5 is equipped with an intelligent torsion system that provides good support in the midfoot region. What this does so well is prevent too much twisting and unnatural movement in the foot which might cause all manner of discomfort, sprains and strains etc.


Having trialled the XT 5s in the last throws of summer, sunshine and heat has been a factor and the shoes have performed well with the lightweight mesh proving to be breathable and cool while managing to keep out the vast majority of mud and small stones that are so often very determined to invade footwear with devilish purpose of causing maximum discomfort.

But don’t be fooled by the lightweight features of this shoe because they are heavy duty in all the right places. Particularly the toe box which provides great protection for delicate toes.


The adidas adiZero XT 5 trail running shoe is a superb all rounder combining good looks with even better performance features equipping you with all the tools for tackling the trails.

For all the trail and off road racers out there, the 10mm heel drop may not be ideal but would be perfect as a training shoe.

We are certainly looking forward to tackling the harsher elements this winter feet first wearing the adidas adiZero XT5.

What do you think of the adidas adiZero XT5 running shoes? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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