Running Shoe Review : Puma FAAS 600S


It is always a pleasure when gets the opportunity to test and review a pair of running shoes built with comfort and cushioning the priority.

Yes, we love slipping on a pair of sleek, minimalist racers and feeling like a track pro but the feet do not always appreciate the sacrifices made in favour of lightweight speed.

With the Puma FAAS 600S, comfort is without doubt the priority with a near slipper-like fit and feel.


There are several contributory features to this luxurious sensation. Let’s start with the Ortholite sockliner which provides a plush cushioned underfoot and secure fit.n

Extra cushioning is provided by the Ever Ride rubber outsole and the light foam and breathable air mesh upper combine for a cool and comfortable ride particularly for longer training runs when comfort is the priority over speed.

From a performance perspective, the FAAS 600S delivers too.


The ‘S’ in the name stands for stability, so this particular model is catering for all you slight over-pronators out there.

To emphasise this fact, Puma have planted huge FAAS lettering on the stability zone which is a bit of a contrast to the otherwise sleek design and for some might be a little in your face.

However, putting the aesthetics aside for a minute, there can be no faulting the success of its primary function. For a heel striker it offers a gentle pronation control making for smooth impact and smoother transition through your stride.


The transition is key here and Puma have worked hard here to complement and boost your unique style through the use of grooves.

A lateral release groove that helps to slow the rate of pronation and forefoot flex grooves combining for a smooth ride that helps to minimise any unwanted and uncomfortable movement and contributing to an efficient motion.

As a self-confessed mid to forefoot runner it is evident that we are not the target market for the FAAS 600S but we can appreciate the benefits for heel strikers and slight over pronators.


And in the one piece midsole FAAS technology, there is something on offer for the likes of us and those perhaps aiming to transition to more of a midfoot strike action.

The EverTrack rubber outsole promises long term durability with abrasion resistant technology but with only a 100 or so training miles on the clock, it is too early to accurately asses the credibility of this claim but so far so good.

With the rain now falling with growing regularity and a scattering of leaves on the pavement, we have found that the Puma FAAS outsole does not inspire total confidence  in slippery conditions.


But we appreciate that no shoe is completely slip resistant and as a general rule, watching your steps and taking extra care are necessary weapons to carry in the fight against the elements.

Overall, the Puma Faas 600S is a great looking training shoe for slight over-pronators looking for high mileage and high comfort.

What do you think of the Puma Faas 600S running shoes? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


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