Running kit review : Karrimor Reflekt Running Range


What better way to test a couple of new items of winter running kit than drop it directly in the path of a ‘weather bomb’?

Well, that is exactly what has done with the Karrimor Reflekt range and seeing as you are reading this review, you can safely assume that both the kit and lived to tell the tale.


Not only that but, we were able to do so largely unscathed from the battering by the elements and the perils of a rush hour commute in the dark.

When we brought you news of the Reflekt Range release we were impressed by the affordability and design and we were not let down by the performance.


Particularly by the windproofing provided the Karrimor Xlite Reflective Jacket. 60mph gusts…not a problem. Reduced to a mere puff of the cheeks.

This has proven to be the case not only while running but cycling too, making the jacket usefully multi-purpose.


There is often a Catch-22 with waterproof sports jackets. Whatever external rainwater you manage to keep out you more than match internally with profuse sweating.

However this has not been the case with the Xlite which offers great breathability.


The Karrimor Xlite Reflective Tights have become invaluable for winter track nights offering breathability, comfort and warmth, ensuring that does not miss out on those all important speed sessions. Even when the track is frozen!

The reflective detailing around the ankle is a unique feature that looks good and ensures visibility on our cool down jogs home from the track. And what visibility. As you can see from our imagery the reflectivity is near electric.


So this review proves that it is going to take more than a ‘weather bomb’ to stop when equipped with the latest winter proof apparel like the Karrimor Reflekt Running range.

The range starts at £19.99 and is available from

What do you think of the Karrimor Reflekt Running range? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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