Lucozade Sport surprises local Derbyshire football club as part of their ‘kit-out project’

Untitled2 would give almost anything for a visit from Soccer AM’s Frankie Fryer on one of his wacky ‘Away Days’ but that honour was reserved for one lucky amateur football team.

‘Random Acts of Kit-Out’ is the next stage of Lucozade Sport’s ‘Kit-Out Project.’ The brand is Kiting-Out teams and athletes across the nation with fully customisable match day kits, training kit and equipment.

Local Derbyshire grassroots football team, Furness Vale FC, have been selected to get the ultimate Kit-Out surprise experience on Thursday 4th December, with a visit from Soccer AM football presenters, Tubes and Franky.

The local club from the High Peak district were selected out of hundreds of teams who applied across the UK to win the ‘Random Acts of Kit-Out’ competition.

Recognising the need to support amateur teams and players, Lucozade Sport is providing the winning team with a customised match day kit, training equipment and expert hydration advice from a sport scientist to enhance their performance.


To make matters even more exciting, Tubes and Franky will be meeting the team on the day and will be joining in with their training. With a huge grassroots following, the Furness Vale players will no doubt take full advantage in demonstrating their skills to the Saturday morning show heroes.

Tubes said: “It’s great to be involved in what is a fantastic opportunity to give a normal Sunday league team the credit they deserve. Running grassroots football clubs is not an easy job, especially with the lack of funding they get. The lads deserve a kit that makes them feel and look like pros.”

Vicky Morgan, Lucozade Sport Marketing Manager, says: “Furness Vale FC certainly deserves to win and have earned this reward. The club doesn’t have enough funding to buy new kit and have worked hard to keep their beloved local team going over the years.

Grassroots sport is at thecentre of local communities and we are excited about getting people engaged with their localclubs. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to support this club by funding the kit and equipment that the team needs.

As a brand it is important that we continue to equip and educate amateur sportspeople on the importance of hydration, and the key role it plays in enhancing performance.”


Jason Adshead,Team Manager of Furness Vale FC, said: “To receive an award like this from Lucozade Sport would be recognition of all the hard work local people have put in, not only for the club but the community as a whole.”

Lucozade Sport’s ‘Kit-Out Project’ was launched due to extensive research that found many sports clubs around the country do not have adequate funding for kit.

To find out more about the Lucozade Sport ‘Kit-Out Project’ visit:

What do you think of Lucozade Sport’s ‘kit-out’ project? Would you like a visit from Frankie and Tubes? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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