in the gym – How to help your body repair faster

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It’s January. like many others have been trying to get back into shape in the gym…

Whilst a lot of effort goes in to performing to your best, we tend to forget that our body has to perform every day.

The best thing you can do for your body is to give it the tools to help it recover quickly. The best time for this is straight after your training session or event.

MaxiNutrition’s post-exercise protein can help to rebuild muscle tissue and restore lost energy more quickly than carbohydrate alone.

We caught up with MaxiNutrition’s head of nutrition about protein recovery!

So why should you use protein for recovery after exercise?

Heavy resistance training increases the rates of both protein synthesis and muscle breakdown for at least a 24-hour period afterwards and is one of the reasons why you might feel sore the next day. Now whilst this may sound bad, it’s actually the first part of developing stronger muscles. However, if a protein-rich meal is not consumed during the recovery period, muscle breakdown will exceed synthesis, resulting in the loss of muscle mass.

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How much protein and when do I need it?

The maximum effective dose of protein to take straight after training is not exactly known. Studies have shown the amount of protein uptake by the muscle increases dramatically up to a 20g serving, and there is still a trend for increased protein synthesis when consuming between 20g-40g (Tipton et al, 2009).

There seems to be a point of protein intake above which no further stimulation of muscle protein synthesis occurs. This suggests that consuming massive single doses of protein in hopes of further accelerating muscle growth is futile, so aiming for between 20-30g of protein after training is likely to hit the sweet spot.

Which form of protein is best?

Protein food sources such as meat, fish, dairy, beans and nuts are all good sources, but due to their amino acid make up, along with other nutrients (carbs, fats etc) they contain, all will have varying digestion rates.

Whey protein, often found within MaxiNutrition protein powders, is part of the dairy family. It is derived from the cheese making process. The double bonus is that it’s not only a complete protein, but can also be taken in exactly the amount you are looking for, without any extra fat or calories that you might not want. MaxiNutrition has four main protein ranges, which suit every user at any level and can be found here.

What do you think of MaxiNutrition protein range? Do you use any of it? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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