Royal Parks Half Marathon – Lucozade Sport Offers Five Tips to Rule Your Run


Running a half-marathon is one of the most satisfying accomplishments you can achieve. All the hard work will have been undertaken in the weeks and months before the event but there are some things that can give you an edge for the main event. Here are five top tips to help you rule on race day.

1) Get some carbohydrate in at breakfast
Priming the body with carbohydrates at breakfast is one way to ensure that your performance does not suffer during your training run. Porridge, toast, cereal, bagels and fruit juice are all great meal choices.

2) Take on fuel during the run
Carbohydrate stores in your body can deplete during your run. Consuming a carbohydrate/electrolyte solution can help maintain endurance performance. One size does not fit all. Faster runners may need more carbohydrate during their training runs, while slower paced runners may need less. Aim to consume between 30g-60g of carbohydrate per hour. This is equivalent to 1-2 Lucozade Sports each hour of the run.

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3) Drink little and often
During your run drink little and often to avoid dehydration and ensure carbohydrate is being consumed. Avoid drinking large volumes of fluid in one go.

4) Do not forget to rehydrate and recover after your run
Once you cross the finish line your focus will shift to recovery. Consuming a carbohydrate electrolyte solution in the hours after exercise will help rehydration and replace those depleted carbohydrate stores. Drinking little and often after the race is recommended.


5) Finish up with some protein
It is not just carbohydrate that is important after your run. Combine with some protein to help your muscles grow and adapt. Around 20g of high quality protein is advised with meat, fish or dairy being the recommended options

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