Technogym Previews The First Music Interactive Treadmill

TECHNOGYM_music interactive tradmill

Technogym, the leading producer of design and technology-driven fitness equipment and solutions, has announced the launch of the world’s first music interactive treadmill with revolutionary technology that detects a runner’s rhythm creating a personalized interactive music soundtrack enhancing the treadmill experience.

‘Running Music’ is part of Technogym’s Mywellness cloud based digital platform providing users with a fully personalized training experience both inside and outside the gym.

Mywellness is accessed via mobile app, and through UNITY the first android-based console display on Technogym cardio training equipment.

By logging into UNITY the user can access his/her personal account and personal training programs, favorite entertainment options – and now music.

In addition to the “Running Music” preview, Technogym will showcase all Mywellness digital platform features, app and integrations including “MyRunning logbook”.

MyRunning Logbook is one of the exclusive UNITY applications that allows users to replicate on the treadmill their favourite outdoor run and challenge their past performance thanks to the possibility of monitoring their position on the map and compare their pace with the outdoor performance tracked by the compatible mobile apps or tracking devices.

“Technogym’s UNITY console offers a revolutionary and engaging training experience,” said Nerio Alessandri, President and Founder of Technogym. “Providing users with a personalized training program, it is open to third party apps and devices and now interacts with a user’s personal music”

Visitors to the Technogym booth will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the Technogym Ecosystem, incorporating interconnected equipment, services, content and programs.

Technogym’s “Wellness on the Go” philosophy driven by its commitment to Technology, Innovation and Solutions, creates a unique eco-system for an holistic wellness lifestyle.

Also, by partnering with top health and fitness apps and products, Technogym ensures consumers can connect with their wellness programs seamlessly across multiple platforms anywhere, anytime.

What do you think of the Technogym music treadmill? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Instagram pages.

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