VIDEO: Kevin Hart’s Training Routine Is No Joke!


Kevin Hart is best known as an actor and comedian, a career that demands relentless travel, late nights and hours on his feet.

Pushed to the brink of exhaustion, Hart opted for change rather than surrender.

Adapting what he defines as a “healthy mindset,” he committed to a “no excuses, no days off” mantra that includes a daily 5:30 a.m. training session comprised of everything from heavy ropes to elevated leg lifts.

This regimen has raised Hart’s energy and swagger, and garnered him a whole new legion of fans who are as inspired by his planks and pull-ups as they are by his stand-up.

“It’s about that confidence. It’s about that head-up feeling…walking into a room and feeling like you’re supposed to be in the room,” Hart declares. “Training for life is living for life.”


Inner Strength Documentary Series

This is the ninth installment of a documentary series that captures the inspiration and motivation that drive Nike athletes in their training. Their journeys vary as do their goals, but they share a common obsession with athleticism.

To learn more about Kevin and how he advances his athleticism check out the Nike Training Twitter and Instagram channels.

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