Nike Football launches “Enflamme le Jeu,” film about Blaise Matuidi


Nike Football has launched “Enflamme le Jeu,” a new film charting the progression of French footballer Blaise Matuidi’s career.

The story begins with a young Matuidi recalling a decisive moment of footballing brilliance from legendary former PSG and Nigerian player Jay-Jay Okocha — then in his prime.

“Jay-Jay Okocha was my favorite player as a young boy. I used to love to watch him play for my team,” remembers Matuidi. “He was the player who lifted the team and the fans with moments of skill and ability on the ball. Seeing his moments of brilliance inspired me to make it happen.”


This formative moment spurred Matuidi to even greater achievements that pay the story forward. His singular skills, team play and enigmatic goal celebrations today inspire his teammates, fans and future generations of players.

The film’s narrative culminates by underscoring football’s wider power to transcend boundaries; it charts Matuidi’s emergence from all-action midfielder to charismatic cultural and style influencer of contemporary creatives, like French hip-hop artist Niska.

“We believe that brilliant football is contagious, and that one brilliant move can set the game on fire. This is much more than a story of drive and accomplishment. It represents Nike’s footballing philosophy and the athlete’s journey towards sporting victory,” affirms Lorenzo Moretti, VP Western Europe Football.


The film’s title “Enflamme le Jeu” or “Ignite the Game” underscores this belief. Additionally, the story features notable cameos from PSG athletes and Matuidi’s French football teammates, and kicks-off the Nike Football Summer campaign.

What do you think of the Nike video “Enflamme le Jeu”? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Instagram pages.

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