SportLockerTV: Maxinutrition ‘s Batman v Superman Workouts


Ahead of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, two MaxiNutrition PTs have devised a Batman and a Superman workout to train like your favourite superhero.

*everyone at has a sit down protest…*


Batman’s workout, created by MaxiNutrition’s Sean Lerwill, consists of 1,000 reps – 100 per exercise across 10 exercises. It’s no easy ask. Just like a typical day for Batman, versatility is key here.

Pistol squats (left and right leg)

Super fans will know that Bruce Wayne has no cartilage left in one of his knees! He’s had to rebuild his leg strength through pistol squats!! The pistol squats will improve strength, balance and control of your hip muscles, giving an excellent base of support for fighting the Gotham’s villains.

Pike Press Up

When Batman is holding ceiling structures above his head, it requires super strength within your deltoids. This bodyweight exercise will give you rock hard shoulders while helping you strengthen your core.


You’ll see Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) carrying out plenty of pull-ups in his preparation to take on the Man of Steel. Working back, shoulders and arms at once, will all help him increase his strength as he prepares for the ultimate battle.

Plyometric box jump

Jumping across Gotham’s skyscrapers requires explosive power in your hamstrings and glutes. Box jumps will improves the reaction of fast-twitch muscle fibres throughout the body, helping you jump higher and quicker.

Pause Press up

Hanging from buildings to evade the Joker or wrestling with Mr. Freeze, Batman needs powerful upper body strength. A pause press up focuses on keeping your muscles under constant strain, forcing them to work harder, increasing muscle strength and growth.

L Chin ups

The Dark Knight is not just a master of the martial arts but also an expert gymnast, which is where he perfected the L Chin Up. The L chin up helps strengthen the abdominal muscles, hip flexors, shoulders, back, biceps, and builds up your entire “core”.

Burpee Dead Stop Press Ups

This separates the heroes from the superheroes! Combing the dead stop press up with burpees will really help you break through your gym plateau. The dead stop press up will inhibit the stretch reflex to take over; killing any rebound effect and making your muscles work harder. Burpees will get that heart rate up, testing balance and coordination.

Body Saw from Plank

When the caped crusader puts on the bat suit, his abs needs to ripple to intimate his foes. This exercise will help you sculpt a six pack even that even the man with abs of steel would be envious of. The body saw plank would work every muscle in the midsection.


Excellent for upper body mass and strength, the Batman routine finishes with dips. Now your ready to fight the Gotham’s master criminals!



Superman’s working, created by MaxiNutrition’s Wole Adesemoye, involves six exercises in one whole session. Easy, right? Think again. Warm up, then get ready to notch up 50 reps per exercise (in as many sets as it takes) working to a total of 300 reps across all exercises. Welcome to your kryptonite!


Superman’s array of powers didn’t come overnight. Beginning with lightning-fast speed, super strength and a ferocious leap, his additional powers took years to develop. Likewise, don’t expect to become ripped overnight – but a full-body workout like deadlifts (50, remember) is a must to progress your own masterpiece.

Bench Press

There is quite literally no limit to Superman’s strength. Take a leaf out of his book and get benching. We can’t promise that you’ll also be capable of pressing 200 quintillion tonnes, but you can sure come close with this chest/tricep combo.

Front Squats

Due to Krypton’s huge gravitational pull, Superman couldn’t actually fly on his home planet. It was only when he came to Earth, with a much weaker pull, that he could jump hundreds of feet. The end result may not be flight, but after 50 front squats, you can be sure your quads will be stronger for any launch.

Snatch Grip High Pull

Whether saving citizens from burning buildings or, more likely, collecting cats from trees, ramp those traps up ready for the next heroic task you’re about to fulfill. A simple two-move shoulder workout will make that next rubble block feel like a cloud.


Superman knows all about the importance of a strong wingspan. Don’t let that leading hand drop when you’re flying through the air, and bulk up your lats and biceps with a series of pull-ups.


The ever-reliable T-shirt filler, give your triceps a boost with dips. Superman might be dating Wonder Woman, but you can bet you’ll be the one turning heads after 50 reps.

What do you think of the Maxinutrition Batman v Superman workouts? Are you going to give one a try? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Instagram pages.

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