Nike launch Ordem 4 Football


The Premier League, La Liga and Serie A TIM will kick off of their respective 2016/17 seasons with Nike’s latest football innovation, the Nike Ordem 4.

Developed for elite footballers, the Ordem 4 has been refined around three key elements: construction, material and graphics.


A new wrapped bladder system ensures the smoothest and most consistent surface — delivering optimal touch and accurate flight.


The geometric 12 panel fuse-welded construction employs a new 3D printed ink technique. Finally, the ball’s graphics follow the design principle of “Flow Motion,” applying a luminance that ensures excellent visibility while the ball is in play.


The Nike Ordem 4 is available from and selected retailers.

What do you think of the new Nike Ordem 4 football? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Instagram pages.

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