hooked on Casio Edifice Red Bull Racing Game!

Now we are never going to admit that we are huge procrastinators here at (we are), but there is a very good reason to be one right now.

And that’s because we’re totally hooked on the new Casio Edifice Red Bull Racing game app on Facebook…

In a nutshell, it’s the Championship Manager for F1 cars!

What’s more, gamers have the chance to win a trip to the Japanese GP.

The app lets fans become engineers as they are challenged to optimise the set-up of a Formula One car to make it ready for the changing conditions on Race Day. The game has been built in collaboration with the Red Bull Racing Formula One Engineering Team, to ensure its settings are as realistic as possible.

Hosted on the Casio Edifice Facebook page, race fans will have the chance to choose either Sebastian Vettel or Mark Webber to race their car and tackle a custom designed Japanese race circuit as they receive live-weather information, 24 hours a day.

Every visit will be different and will require the car’s set up to be adapted to handle the changing race conditions to give an insight into what it’s like being a Formula One race engineer. Vettel and Webber will also be on hand to give you their verdict on each lap’s performance.

Players will have to choose tyre compounds, and use precision engineering to adjust the front and rear wings, ride height and gear ratios to get the very best out of the car; all these things are affected by the live weather conditions.

Casio has worked closely with Red Bull Racing Engineer Andrew Damerum in order to advise race fans on how to set up the car to reflect the real thing.

The game lets players invite friends to join the challenge and creates league tables of the fastest times. Each week, the driver who records the fastest lap will win a Casio Edifice watch, with the final winner receiving a trip for two to attend the Japanese GP.

Have you played it yet? Let us know what you think via the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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