Updated Nike+ FuelBand app allows users to share customised photos


Everyone here at Sport-locker.net are big fans of the Nike+ FuelBand (we tested it out last year) – so the app was always going to be a winner for us.

Especially now it has been updated…


Sharing NikeFuel Activities

The latest Nike+ FuelBand app update makes it easier for users to share more and celebrate NikeFuel achievements with their Facebook friends.

Now users can capture their activity or workout via photo, upload images from an iOS device, tag location and friends, and comment on the activity pictured.

Users can also customize their photo with an overlay that includes their current NikeFuel score and the Nike+ logo before sharing images with their Facebook communities.


Connecting with Friends

Starting now, Nike+ FuelBand users with the iPhone app can invite, manage and compete with friends in three ways – through Facebook, Nike+ and Contacts.

This update allows athletes to use NikeFuel in new customizable leaderboards as a social currency to compare, compete and challenge friends to keep up.


Have you got a Nike+ FuelBand? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter Facebook pages.

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