Maximuscle Protein Project Weeks 5-8: Diary of a ‘Gym Newbie’


As we mentioned yesterday, are two thirds of the way through with our attempt at Maximuscle’s 12-week training programme, The Protein Project.

And for our regular bicep curler (AKA ‘the already beefcake’) it is proving a more than rewarding challenge – he’s having a whale of a time!

However, despite a rip-roaring first 4 weeks, our Editor Sam Van Gelder has hit a bit of a wall recently.

Here is how ‘the gym newbie’ struggled through weeks 5-8:



It’s safe to say that I thought that I was well on the way to becoming a champion body builder after the first month of the Protein Project – I was powerfully progressing in the gym and I was sensing a noticeable difference on the football pitch in terms of improved fitness and strength.

Unfortunately, in weeks 5-8, I feel like I’ve found a plateau somewhat.

I think this is largely due to the novelty factor of the gym being a new part of my weekly routine wearing off, and tedium setting in. I massively underestimated the mental strength it takes to go to the gym three times a week and go through the same humdrum each time.

The repetition of sessions is something that I have found difficult to motivate myself to get up for. Doing the same Chest/Biceps, Shoulders/Triceps and Back/Abs sessions (as well as fitting in my three football sessions) has proved a bit of a ball ache.


Maximuscle (Loves the jobs you hate…)

That said, there have still been some real positives to take from this middle period.

Despite my groans, I am seeing improvements both physically and mentally, on and off the football pitch.

I’m definitely bulking up and becoming stronger, and I’m noticing this transferring onto the green stuff – I’m able to sustain high levels of intensity for a full 90 minutes and I’m fitter than most of my opponents (at least it feels that way).

From weeks 5-7 I was increasing my weight load for each session at a steady rate. But for the sessions in the past week, I’ve found it hard to increase the weights. This is something I need to address for the final four weeks of the project and maybe look at adjusting my sessions accordingly.

But I must say the Maximuscle supplements have been nothing short of superb!

Pump it up (while your feet are stomping…)

I’ve been introduced to the Pump Up + NO2 capsules this month and they’ve definitely helped me get through those early sessions before work.


They’re certainly tear jerkers (note it takes several gulps of water to get the bad boys down!) but the powerful blend of nutrients help to maximise your training intensity.

I didn’t feel as wired as I had been previously warned about, but you certainly get a kick up the backside 15-20 minutes after taking them. These have been a real revelation and I recommend highly for those of you who struggle to motivate yourself before sessions.

I’m still consuming the Cyclone shakes after each workout and these are an absolute must for me – they really do help recovery whilst also supporting gains in lean muscle, strength and power.

Personally, the banana flavour isn’t the best so thinking of moving onto the Choc Mint flavour next month as I’ve heard rave reviews. Rock & Roll and all that…

The fact I haven’t started to hiss/groan in an unacceptable sex cry manner when lifting heavier weights is also an achievement I’m most proud of.

Change is not GOOD

One of the biggest things I was hoping to address from weeks 1-4 was my diet.

It pains me to say but I’ve still not quite sussed it yet. I’m getting there, but it’s still too regimented for me still.

The diet that was sent to me had a meal overview of 50% Carbohydrate dominant food, 25% Protein rich food and 25% vegetables.

Cyclone Diet Weeks 5-8

As you can see by the photo, it takes an incredible amount of dedication (and money) to plan your eating habits in such a way.

I’ve had a decent crack at it (meaty, veggie pasta has become the norm) but I’m determined to go all out for the final month of the project.

I realise my diet is the main thing stopping me from becoming an uber buff cover model you see. Diet starts on Monday etc. I SOUND LIKE MY BLOODY MOTHER. SEND HELP!

Cyclone Bar

Final Countdown

To sum up, my enjoyment of the Maximuscle Protein Project has withered a little in weeks 5-8.

But I’m confident; with a little bit of encouragement from an imaginary Derrick Evans style thing on my shoulder, I can be pushed through the final four weeks to make this challenge a successful and worthwhile one!

Whilst you lot Google Derrick Evans, I’m off to the hissing gym. It’s slowly becoming my second home.

*postpones booking tickets to The Gun Show*

What do you think of Maximuscle’s Protein Project? Are you taking part? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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