Football boot playtest review: Warrior Skreamer K Pro



We love nothing more that reviewing football boots here at – especially when they are something new to the market!

So when Warrior Sports sent us their Skreamer K Pro silo to test out, Aaron Coates was only too keen to see how they fared on the green stuff.

Over the past month or so, I found myself with the unusual task of reviewing some new Warrior boots. I say unusual because they’re not your everyday household name.

But I believe that’s all about to change!


Since their multi-million pound partnership with Liverpool FC, this US based company seem to be going from strength to strength and I can really see a push on the UK teen merchandise market taking place any time now. I find it pleasingly refreshing (in a poetic justice kind of way) that this brand is trying to throw itself straight in amongst the big guns like Nike and Adidas, and hope they are rewarded for this stellar initial effort.

Firstly, I’ll openly admit that the Skreamer K-Lite FG boots I was asked to review surprised me, by doing exactly what was said on the tin…


They’re not in the slightest bit weighty! The lightguard kangaroo leather gives a comfy yet cushioned feel that will undoubtedly give any player the confidence to glide past an opponent, without feeling like they are treading water!


In terms of the look, Warrior have made a bold statement of intent that they want to endeavour a route of class and elegance, integrating their own custom bit of bite in the process. The oversized lacing and vamp stitching sets them off on a winner, first and foremost. Designed to help the boot keep shape, this innovative bit of technology provides a sleek structure, whilst maintaining the comfort many modern-day boots of a light ilk lack.

In addition to the distinctive Warrior emblem emblazoned to the outside of the boot, the Skreamer K-Lites house an external heel shield. This added bit of protection is a welcome inclusion, giving a sturdy and reliable base to any warrior readying themselves for battle.


With regards to grip and under-sole ClawTech blade configuration, the boot incorporates eleven specifically configured claws for optimum traction control, no matter what surface! Shredding a wing never felt so good!

As with anything though, I’d be lying if I told you they were completely un-flawed. I noticed that they took a few more sessions than I was expecting to properly break in. The original ‘murder-hole access’ cut-outs at the rear of the boot do also take a bit of getting used to, but again make you look the part and do add to the breathable nature of the shoe.


All in all, Warrior’s first real attempt on the UK boot scene shouldn’t go unnoticed.

I’ve got a feeling that other Premier League warriors will soon follow the likes of Danny Graham, Marouane Fellaini, Jonás Gutiérrez and Vincent Kompany in joining the Warrior revolution.

I can also say with a huge amount of certainty that this animal is here to stay! 


What do you think of the Warrior Skreamer K Pro boots? What boots are you wearing currently? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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