Football boot release: PUMA Launches New v1.11

So the football season is over and that two and a half month period beckons (you know, the one where you dust off your tennis racket and golf clubs but really just want it to be the second week of August already!)

But don’t get too down readers.

Because SportLocker can bring you the news that PUMA have today released a new pair of football boots to cheer you up – the revolutionary PUMA!

And the third generation of the speed boot is packed full of lightweight technologies!

The special UNI technology, where the upper material is stitched rather than glued to the sole, provides the perfect fit by perfectly replicating the unique PUMA Aptolast.

The new-look lace cover is held down by an elastic strap and a TriHook fastener to ensure a snug fit that provides a smooth kicking area and a unique look, whilst a carbon fibre composite in the forefoot helps provide optimal pressure distribution, reactivity and flexibility.

The new v1.1 boot also enables greater playing stability, through an external heel counter and a Pebax frame that provides support to the outsole.

The midfoot area is reinforced with a TPU composite which secures further stability and helps to avoid midfoot bending. This increased stability also enables an optimal traction as well as manoeuvrability, provided through the pointed stud configuration featured on this new boot.

So now that you have ingested all that technology talk, get down to your local sports shop, hand over £135, and get to the park for a monumentous kickabout.

Because if you last until August, the new football season will be upon us!

And be sure to keep your eye’s out for a playtest feature in the coming weeks as we endeavour to get our hands on a pair of the speedy bad boys, and put them through their paces!

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